Glass and Mirror Engraving

As Kris Cam, we respond to all kinds of Glass demands of our customers, whether processed or not.

  • Only cut glass and mirror
  • Lapping Glass or Mirror (straight, C, angle, step, etc.)
  • Bizoteli Glass or Mirror
  • Lapping or Bizoteli, hole process made of glass or mirror
  • CNC machined, Carved Glass and Mirror,
  • Glass and Mirror, made of decorative pattern and surface treatment
  • Channeled Glass and Mirror
  • Glass and Mirror with surface treatment
  • Sandblasted and Satina embroidered, patterned Glass and Mirror

As KRİS CAM DECORATION, we are at the service of our customers with our wide machine park and 4 axis CNC machines for all kinds of glass processing mentioned above.

For our customers who demand, we also apply the glass (installation) to the relevant places.