Leadership and Commitment

Kris Glass is leader at quality management system, making the commitment and share all of those given below with parties:

- Accountability is the principle for the effectiveness of the quality management system. All of our departments will work under the light of this.

- Quality policy and quality objectives have been established in accordance with the strategic direction and context of the organization.

- The conditions of the quality management system are secured by integrating with the organization's business processes.

- Promoting the process approach and the use of risk-based thinking is another important principle.

- The resources required for the implementation and continuity of the quality management system have been planned and secured.

- Effective quality management and quality management system in all areas of compliance with the requirements, will be followed with importance in every application of our organization.

- All organization employees and senior management will be mobilized to ensure that the quality management system achieves its intended outputs.

- For this purpose;

It will be ensured that the people who will contribute to the efficiency of the quality management system will be recruited, guided and supported;

Improvement efforts will be encouraged in all areas.

Other relevant department managers will be supported by the top management in order to lead the issues in their areas of responsibility.

Hakan Özdemir
Genel Müdür