Pressed Glass

Painting (pressing) is applied to glass panels with different techniques. However, in order to make a general distinction, we can say that there are two main different ways.

  1. Pressing + Temper :
  2. Temper + Pressing: Printing on tempered glass.

In the first type of application, glass can be applied with each of the 4 different techniques listed below. The dye / ink to be used in this technique should be resistant to 700-750 degrees. In printed glass tempered under this heat, the print penetrates into the glass, thus being protected from external factors such as wiping, scraping and deformation. Although some particular types of lengths may differ in UV resistance or acid resistance, the general application is in this way.

In the second type of application, the glass is first tempered, the process of painting which can harden at low temperature but has lower mechanical strength and moisture resistance than the first type. In this application, the most commonly used digital printing or spraying technique is one of the following techniques.

As Kris Glass Decoration, we can able to do both types of applications.

If we talk about the techniques of printing on glass, we can outline these into four:

  1. Roll printing
  2. Screenprint
  3. Spraying printing
  4. Digital printing

It is possible to make single color or multicolor applications according to the technics and machines used.


We can applied single or double layer pressed glasses at blind-wall of curtain walls that we don’t want to see construction materials. And also we can use interior or exterior decorations.


It is quite common to pressing on tempered glass, which is used in a wide variety of fields such as furniture glass, white goods glass, all kinds of decoration applications, advertising sector, lighting sector, vehicle glass (land, air, sea transportation vehicles).

KRIS GLASS DECORATION will be pleased to answer your requests in this field.