Laminated Glass

The glass units obtained by bonding one or more glass panels with interconnectors are called LAMINATED GLASS.

In the market, there are laminated glasses produced by ŞİŞE CAM or other glass producer companies in various sizes as well as they can be produced in various sizes and specifications in Glass Processing Plants.

The ready-made laminated glasses offered in cut-to-size sizes are generally produced as flat glass + flat glass starting from 3 + 3 up to 6 + 6, ranging from 0.38 mm intermediate layer to 1.52 intermediate layer.

As Kris Cam, we provide all kinds of thickness, color, acoustic properties, heated properties, digitally printed, flat or curved tempered laminated glass, as well as cutting and other processes of such laminated glass.

LAMINATED GLASSES are generally used for showcase applications, security against theft and attacks.

Because laminated glass does not disintegrate or break when it is broken by means of the intermediate binder between two or more glass plates, it can prevent the transition from one side to the other.

It is widely used in exterior applications due to its snow load and wind load resistance and sound insulation.

LAMINATED GLASSES are used for guardrail systems, building skylight windows, winter gardens, walkway applications, automotive glasses, canopy glasses, and are the first glass unit that comes to mind in every area requiring security.