TS 3539 EN 1279 standard defines GLASS BASED INSULATION UNITS USED IN BUILDINGS as follows:

IGU-Insulating Glass Units: It is a unit consisting of at least two glass sheets which are sealed by air around their circumference, mechanically stable and durable, separated from each other by one or more intermediate spacer bars (spacers).

KRIS GLASS DECORATION uses glass raw material produced by Sise Cam in the production of insulating glass since we are Sise Cam’s the authorized ISICAM producer. Insulating glass production consisting of these glasses is called ISICAM and labeling process is performed accordingly. When there is a demand for glass that is not produced by Şişe Cam, the product obtained when at least one of them is used in the production of insulating glass is called Insulation Glass Unit, not ISICAM and labeled as KRIS GLASS.

All ISICAM branded or insulating glass units are manufactured according to TS 3539 EN 1279 standard and they are GUARANTEED for 10 years against manufacturing defects.

KRIS GLASS DECORATION produce their goods under conditions of TS 3539 EN 1279 and the production lines, measurements, records controlled and inspected  by SISE CAM in every year with specified period. Thus, the compliance and sustainability of the production conditions to the standard is ensured.

In the production of insulating glass, materials and inputs that have been fully approved by Şişe Cam and have been subjected to CE conformity tests are used; Every time an input arrives at the factory, INPUT QUALITY CONTROL measurement and test controls are performed.

As KRİS CAM DECORATION, these measurement and test results are continuously shared with our customers as well as the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE.

When requested, each customer can come to our factory to inspect these quality records as well as to carry out on-site inspections by requesting repeat tests.

As in all matters, we are in favor of transparency regarding the quality of our product.