Customer Satisfaction Policy

As KRIS GLASS DECORATION, we are working with a CUSTOMER-FOCUS system that meets the requirements of TS ISO 10002/2014 Customer Satisfaction Standard.

In accordance with the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY adopted by our Company's top management;

All processes related to customer complaints or notifications will be carried out with complete CLEARANCE and TRANSPARENCY.

In order to ensure ACCESSIBILITY, our customers can easily contact us by any means of the social media, by writing,by texting or any communication address specified on our website for reporting their complaint.

Complaint notification will be notified to our customer as soon as possible, so that there will be no hesitation about RESPONSIBILITY.

Each complaint will be assessed in a fair, objective and unbiased manner during the process of handling the complaint, and our process will be carried out with PRIVACY in a way that will reasonably protect the identity of the complainant or customer.

Equal treatment of all people / institutions and organizations is an indispensable principle.

Kris Glass has set its customer relations target on the basis of long-term and mutual benefit acquisition with its customers.

Kris Cam identifies and deals with the risks and opportunities to increase internal and external customer satisfaction in production and service delivery, and continuously monitors them.

Senior management; To ensure that customer needs are defined and fulfilled, customer complaints, requests, customers' satisfaction with the product and service received from the institution, constantly monitors their suggestions on these issues, tries to identify and evaluate the conditions that can fulfill them. Identifies the necessary resources and enables employees to use their capabilities for the benefit of the organization, ensuring the continuity of the system.

Top management will never stop its leadership and support in these matters.

Hakan Özdemir
Genel Müdür